We do not teach children violence, we do not encourage aggression, attacks on others, and the use of force.
We teach children self-confidence, respect, and the desire to get out of a difficult situation without a fight. But in a hopeless situation, our students will be able to stand up for themselves with full confidence.

The task of our martial arts school is to teach real technique with the right philosophy.

Okinawan karate is not only a physical culture, it is a culture of communication, respect and character development.
Due to age and lack of life experience, it is difficult for children to concentrate on completing any tasks. After all, there are so many interesting things around. Now I want one thing, in an hour another, and in a week I don’t want anything at all!

In the process of training, instructor try to interest, captivate the child with classes, help set a goal and go step by step towards it. This is how the habit is formed to bring things to the end, to concentrate on the goal and achieve it despite all the difficulties, for everything “it doesn’t work”, for everything “I can’t”. Achieving the first results, children become calmer, more purposeful and self-confident. They strive to achieve higher goals, but now not only in karate, but also in their studies and in everyday life.

Respect for oneself and others is the basis of healthy relationships in society. The Sindo Ryu school honors tradition and discipline. Teachers pass on knowledge and experience to students, students value and respect their teachers. At the same time, teachers respect the opinions of students and, if necessary, are ready to help in order to dispel the misconceptions of young karatekas with convincing arguments.
This is how the desire for dialogue is born, and the principles of respectful attitude towards others sooner or later go beyond the gym. Children begin to show more respect for older relatives, teachers at school, and peers. Very often, capricious and naughty children change radically after a year of karate classes in our school.

Karate is a Japanese martial art. And of course, we teach karate techniques and the ability to stand up for yourself if necessary. Fear is what fetters a child when meeting a bully, children are simply afraid to fight back. At our school, we do not teach children to fight, we do not encourage the desire to show aggression and strength, but we cultivate self-confidence and give knowledge that will help the child avoid a fight or be able to stand up for himself if necessary.

In addition, regular classes in the karate section instill in children a love of sports for life. And this guarantees good health, flexibility of mind and body, a good figure and a more positive attitude towards life.