Authentic Okinawa karate in Portugal

Full contact training for children and adults.
Physical training and mastering the technique of Okinawa karate.
Group and personal training with an international class instructor.

Authentic Okinawa karate in Portugal

Full contact training for children and adults.
Physical training and mastering the technique of Okinawa karate.
Group and personal training with an international class instructor.
Karate (空手 Japanese karate: "empty hand") is a Japanese martial art whose homeland is on the island of Okinawa. The name was invented in 1905 by Chomo Hanashiro under the influence of Zen Buddhism, (until 1905 "karate" was called 唐手 "hand of the Tang dynasty").

Okinawa Te - (沖縄手 "Okinawa hand", in Okinawa - Uchina-di) is a style of old Okinawa karate that arose in the 16th century as a fusion of Chinese Kenpo and three old original Okinawa styles of martial arts: Shuri-te, Tomari-te, Naha-te.
The highest achievement of the Okinawa-te style became the Sindo Ryu school (the "way of truth") - the most closed and most rigid in karate. Fights are held only in full contact. Protective devices are not used. There are no rules for fighting, there are no weight categories either. Of the techniques, only blows to the eyes are prohibited.

Okinawa-te Sindo Ryu is an excellent base that will allow you to feel confident and physically ready for any other types of martial arts or sports.

School students regularly win prizes in Pencaka silat, hand-to-hand combat, MMA and other martial arts competitions, as well as excel in triathlon, running, fitness and other sports.


  • Self defense skills

    In training, you will not only master the technique of traditional Okinawa karate, but also learn to analyze and adequately assess the situation and the opponent. Critical thinking in a difficult situation is even more important than technique.

    With regular training, you will become a difficult target for attack and, if necessary, will be able to fend for yourself.

  • Confidence and self-control

    On the street, no one attacks in boxing gloves and a protective vest. All training at the Sindo Ryu school takes place in full contact. Protective equipment gives a false sense of confidence and security. It is the lack of equipment, awareness of the danger and one’s capabilities, the ability to think critically in a difficult situation that help to avoid injuries in training and in life, and gives you great confidence.

    The Sindo Ryu school honors tradition and discipline. Teachers pass on knowledge and experience to students, students value and respect their teachers. Tradition and discipline instill respect and self-control in students.

  • Excellent physical condition

    Okinawa karate is a combination of intense physical training and mastery of technique. Good physical shape is as important as technique.

    Regular exercise will give you results that are just as good, and sometimes even better, than gym with free weights. You can not only strengthen your muscles, but learn to feel your body, and control it.

    Your strength and endurance will increase, and your body will take on great shape.

Aleksandr Zheludkov

Okinawa Karate and Pencak Silat Instructor

3th dan

Martial Arts Instructor since 2009

Conducted group and individual training in Okinawa karate and

Pencak silat for adults and children.

Сhildren 3-5 years old: general physical training, flexibility, basic techniques.

Сhildren 6-16 years: basic and advanced techniques,

preparation for certification and competitions.

Adults: advanced techniques, preparation for certifications,

and competitions. Preparation for full contact fights.

The cost is in line with the idea that group training should be affordable for everyone. But, also, if someone has the desire and opportunity to train additionally and additionally support the instructor - such an opportunity is available.


1 month 4 training pack (1 person 1 time a week) – €35.00


1 month 8 training pack (1 person 2 times a week) – €50.00


1 month 12 training pack (1 person 3 times a week) – €80.00

1 hour (for 1 or 2 persons) €50.00
2 hours (for 1 or 2 persons) – €90.00

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