Pencak Silat

The creation of Pencak Silat is attributed to a woman shows us the technical features of this style of martial arts.
Pencak Silat the common name for Indonesian and Malay martial arts, which includes two main sections: fighting without weapons and fighting with weapons.

At the heart of the modern styles of Pencak-silat (there are more than 50 of them) are the fighting techniques of various tribes and peoples inhabiting Indonesia, the country of “one hundred thousand islands”.

The most accurate translation of the phrase “Pencak-Silat” will be the following interpretation of these words: “Pencak” is a skillful change in body position for self-defense, and “Silat” is the combat use of Pencak.

In Indonesia, they say: “There is no Silat without Pencak, and Pencak without Silat is useless!”

The name Pencak Silat was chosen in 1948 as an umbrella term for various styles of Malay and Indonesian martial arts.

In the modern sense, Pencak and Silat are seen as two aspects of the same practice.

Pencak is the spiritual aspect of the martial art, while Silat is the essence of combat and self-defense. The origin of the words Pencak and Silat is not known. Some believe that Pencak comes from the Sanskrit word pancha - five, or avoid, distract. Silat - from sekilat, which means "(quickly) like lightning." This name may have been used to describe the movement of a warrior, and eventually shortened to Silat.

Psycho-spiritual or self-regulating Pencak Silat
pays attention to the development of self-control; the emphasis is on the psychological aspects. The goal of Pencak Silat, like that of other martial arts, is to develop the individual and to form a noble and honest character.
The artistic Pencak Silat (Seni Budaya) focuses on the beauty of movement; the emphasis here is on aesthetic aspects. The most important thing here is the culture of movement and performance skills.
Pencak Silat as self-defense (Bela-Diri) focuses on aspects of self-defense. The most important factors in it are self-confidence and perseverance; without them, self-defense skills are useless.
Sports Pencak Silat (Olah Raga) focuses on sports aspects. Practitioners of Pencak Silat strive to develop a "healthy mind in a healthy body." Frequent competitions and intense training help to hone the skills of this martial art.