okinawa karate for kids

Okinawa karate for girls

Can a girl train at a karate school?
Okinawa karate is suitable for both boys and girls.

Okinawan karate training programs for girls, taking into account the physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the children's and women's bodies. Girls love karate as well as boys and receive the same tasks in training, only somewhat adapted to some of the psychological and physiological characteristics of girls.

In addition, Okinawa has a sufficient number of exclusive training methods for women, which we successfully use in the training process. Many of our girls have already grown up, created their own families, and now their children are already training at school. The main goals of Okinawa karate for girls, in addition to self-defense skills, are the same as for boys: the ability to achieve goals, a positive psychological attitude, self-discipline, self-respect, integrity, perseverance.

The methodology for training girls in the Okinawa Sindo Ryu karate school is based on the development of natural qualities and the education of the necessary ones. Despite the fact that Okinawa karate classes can in no way be attributed to simple things, it is possible, necessary and useful for girls to do karate.