Aleksandr Zheludkov

Okinawa Karate and Pencak Silat Instructor

3th dan

Martial Arts Instructor since 2009

Conducted group and individual training in Okinawa karate and

Pencak silat for adults and children.

● Сhildren 3-5 years old: general physical training, flexibility, basic techniques.

● Сhildren 6-16 years: basic and advanced techniques,

preparation for certification and competitions.

● Adults: advanced techniques, preparation for certifications,

and competitions. Preparation for full contact fights.

Stan Poelsma

Pencak Silat Jokotole Naga Putih


Martial Arts instructor since 2015
Group and Individual training in Pencak Silat Jokotole for Adults and Children

  • Children 6 - 16 years: Physical training, flexibility, break fall techniques, self-defense basic and advanced techniques. Preparation for certification and competition.
  • Adults: Advanced techniques Preparation certification and competition, freestyle, technique, and full contact fight
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