Karate for kids

Karate training programs for children

Karate training programs for children
Basics of martial arts (4 - 6 years)
The karate training program for children aged 4-6 years is designed to develop the child's personality, as well as his physical and self-defense skills. Training takes place in a relaxed and calm, but at the same time professional atmosphere. Particular attention is paid to the physiological state of the child's body. Loads during training are strictly dosed. This program is the starting point for children on their journey into the world of martial arts. The basics of martial arts develop concentration, improve the physical condition of the child and provide basic skills in karate and self-defense.

Beginner Program (7 – 15 years old)
The karate training program for children aged 7-15 perfectly develops coordination, flexibility, agility, physical fitness, and gives basic self-defense skills. The main objective of this program is to help your child gain self-confidence, teach him concentration and self-discipline. Trainings are held under the guidance of professional instructor. The program is approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Karate for adults (from 16 years old)
Practical self-defense taught on a traditional and at the same time progressive, scientific basis. This program improves general physical fitness, gives an in-depth understanding of martial arts, and also creates a positive attitude towards life. The entire training program is based on authentic Okinawa karate and kobudo, which has been around for over 700 years.