Stan Poelsma

Pencak Silat Jokotole Naga Putih Pendekar

Martial Arts instructor since 2015
Group and Individual training in Pencak Silat Jokotole for Adults and Children

  • Children 6 - 16 years: Physical training, flexibility, break fall techniques, self-defense basic and advanced techniques. Preparation for certification and competition.
  • Adults: Advanced techniques Preparation certification and competition, freestyle, technique, and full contact fight

Training stages in Indonesia


2002 Pencak Silat Netherlands

2003 Pencak Silat Netherlands 3th place

Pencak Silat
Cumande: Ludwig Beck 1990,1992
Setia hati Onoman: Verdi Phefferkorn von Offenbach 2005
Panglipur: Cecep Arif Rahman
Kick Boxing
2004 Ernesto Hoost (Mr. perfect K1)