Why Portugal and where exactly
Why not!

We have already camped on the eastern edge of the continent, but this time we decided why not visit the western one, and chose the southernmost region of Portugal - the Algarve.

It is a picturesque region with a Mediterranean climate, a rich historical heritage and a unique cuisine dating back to the Roman and Moorish eras. In 2022, Algarve received 86 Blue Flag awards, including 82 beaches and 4 marinas.

The camp and seminar will take place on the basis of the Browns Hotel, which is located in a quiet and peaceful place 4 km from the marina of the Vilamoura resort and Falesia beach.

Browns is known for its sports and leisure facilities. The hotel welcomes athletes from all over the world all year round. Sports camps, seminars and trainings are held here. The on-site health club includes a gym, squash court, tennis court, sauna and steam room, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.
For whom is the seminar and camp?
Adults and children accompanied by adults can join the camp. Anyone who is already practicing or would like to start practicing real-working martial arts.

We support the familys activity. This means that you can join the camp with the whole family, no matter the whole family will attend training, only children or only adults.

Camp by the sea is a great opportunity to get the effect of six months of training in 10 days, combine sports with a beach holiday, set an example for children or start training with the children yourself.
Why you need to go to the camp

In the city, everyday worries make it impossible to concentrate on training. In the conditions of a frantic urban rhythm, workouts are often skipped or happen as if on the run. It is not possible to fully immerse yourself in the training process and overcome the plateau in the results.

In the camp, surrounded by a pleasant calm atmosphere, beautiful nature and mild climate, you can disconnect from all everyday worries and concentrate on training.

Three workouts per day. Warm-up in the morning, main in the afternoon and stretching in the evening. In 10 days you will receive the result of six months of training in the city.
The camp is an opportunity to get valuable information about martial arts from the best instructors, champions and competition judges.
Our Plans
Visas, tickets - issued independently.
Transfer from Faro airport and back will be arranged for any flight.
21-23 July
390 €
3 days
21-23 July
150 €
3 days
19-29 July
140 €
per day
19-29 July
40 €
per day
+351 913 07-07-00
Algarve, Portugal